The House was designed as a second house for Tazaemon Yamamura, who was the eighth-generation brewer of the famous sake "Sakuramasamune" in Nada.

Chronological table of events and history of the house

1918 Basic design finished.
1923 Construction work started.
February 1924 Roof-raising.
Mid-1924 Construction work completed.
1935 Became the property of entrepreneur.
1947 Became the property of YODOGAWA STEEL WORKS, LTD.., and was used as an official residence for the company president.
1959 Rented out to Americans.
1971-1973 Used as an apartment for single employees of YODOGAWA STEEL WORKS, LTD..
May 1974 Designated a National Important Cultural Property.
1981 Research carried out.
July 1985-November 1988 Repair construction for preservation carried out.
December 1988 Construction completed.
June 1989 Opened to the public as YODOKO GUEST HOUSE.
January 1995 Partially damaged due to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
June 1995-March 1998 Research and repair construction carried out.
March 1998 Construction completed.
May 1998 Again opened to the public.
November 2016-December 2018 Repair construction for preservation carried out.
December 2018 Construction completed.
February 2019 Again opened to the public.